Collection: Cooker hood motors

Are you in need of a new cooker hood extractor motor? We've got you covered. Whether you need a new or recycled one, we can help you save money and the environment. And, if you're feeling handy, we've got videos on our YouTube channel to show you how to replace cooker hood motors like a pro.

But, here's a pro-tip: when searching for that cooker hood motor, make sure to have the full model number or the old part handy (model numbers can usually be found on your machine's identification plate). Trust us, it'll save you a lot of time and prevent any missteps in your search for the perfect replacement cooker hood extractor part. 

Is your cooker hood motor moving slower than a snail on a hot summer day? Can't seem to get rid of that lingering kitchen smell? Replacing a motor on a cooker hood can be a daunting task, especially when it's tucked away in a hard-to-reach location, but don't worry! We've got videos to show you how to do it and make it look like a breeze.