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Cooker Oven Shelf : 370x452mm

Cooker Oven Shelf : 370x452mm

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SKU: B15A-480121101183
Oven Shelf : 370x452mm

These trays came out of either box damaged appliances or returned appliances they may have a chip or Mark on them but are all in good condition

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G305S/OV T305S/OVN 918 S/OVN 918 W/WOS52EM4AS/

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How-to-repair pledge!

We not only sell new appliance parts, We also recycle box damaged and used appliances to salvage any good parts which can save you money and the environment.

  • New products all come with manufacturers guarantees, this depends on the product type.

  • These products have normally come out of box damaged appliances, or returned goods they show slight signs of wear.

  • Second-hand or used parts have come off machines which have been uneconomical to repair, these parts are in perfect working condition and they're all fully tested.