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Fat Pan Baking Tray Oven or Grill

Fat Pan Baking Tray Oven or Grill

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SKU: B4A-C00317041
Length 415mm Width 320mm

These trays came out of either box damaged appliances or return appliances they may have a chip or Mark on them but are all in good condition

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ALTERNATE MODEL NUMBERS C00317041, 481241838056, 481241838124, 481241838149, 481941838276, 481941838304, 481941838328, C00317041, C00327789



AKL 875/IX/01/AKL 876/01 IX/AKL 876/01 WH/AKL 887/01 IX/AKL 887/01 WH/AKL 888/01 IX/AKL 888/01 WH/AKL 898/IX/AKL 899/WH/AKL 901/IX/AKL 901/WH/AKL 904 IX/AKL 904 WH/AKL 905/IX/AKL 906/WH/AKL 907/NB/AKL 907/WH/AKL 908/NB/AKL 908/WH/AKL 909/IX/AKL 909/NB/AKL 914/IX/AKL 914/WH/AKL331BR/AKL331WH/AKL333BR/AKL333WH/AKL335BR/AKL335WH/AKL874/GR/AKL874/IX/AKL874/WH/AKL875/AV/AKL875/WH/AKL876/AV/AKL876/IX/AKL876/IX/01/AKL876/WH/AKL888/IX/01/AKL889 IX/AKL889 WH/AKL898/WH/01/AKL899/IX/AKL899/IX/01/AKL900/IX/01/AKL900/WH/01/AKL906/IX/01/AKL907/IX/AKL907/IX/01/AKL908/IX/01/BQ 02X/

00094747/00128225/10094734/10094753/101.588.77 OVN 918 W OVEN IK/20123750/202.181.83 OVN 918 W OVEN IK/30094766/301 517 33 OV M11 WF/301.453.94 OV B11 B OVEN IK/301.588.76 OVN 918 S OVEN IK/30123740/30128224/40094756/401 451 57 OV D10 b-in oven/401.588.71 OVN 618/W OVENS/401.823.19 OV D10 AN OVEN IK/50094732/501.230.08 FRAMTID OV C10 S GB/50123008/50123744/502.181.72 OV B11 B OVEN IK/60094741/601.451.75 OV B11/W OVENS/601.588.70 OVN 618/S OVENS/60122999/70123012/80094778/801.823.22 OV D10 WF OVEN IK/80123747/802.181.80 OVN 918 S OVEN IK/LPR812/LPR812/01/OBI 117 S/OBI A10 S/OBI B10 S/OBI C10 S/OBI C10 W/OBI D10 S/OBI S10 W/

AKL 848 IX/


LPR 814/01/LPR 825/LPR 826/01/LPR812/


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Will this part fit my Appliance?

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