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Candy Hoover Tumble Dryer Drum Bearing Support Wheel

Candy Hoover Tumble Dryer Drum Bearing Support Wheel

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SKU: 40004307
"Genuine Baumatic, Candy, Edesa, Helkama, Hoover, Lamona, Neue, Otsein, Terzismo, Zerowatt tumble dryer drum bearing support wheel

PLEASE NOTE: For model HNC 380-80, this wheel is suitable for models produced up to date code 0649 only"

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ALTERNATE MODEL NUMBERS 40004307/40004307/D346012/5045173712959/6202LUV


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C9TCEB-80, DX C9TCER-80, DX C9TCG-80, DX C9TCGB-80, DX H10A2TCE-80, DX H10A2TCEX-S, DX H11A2TCEXM-S, DX H85TCEX-AUS, DX H8A2TCEX-01, DX H8A2TCEX-S, DX H8A3TREX-01, DX H9A2DCE-80, DX H9A2DCEB-80, DX H9A2DCER-80, DX H9A2DE-80, DX H9A2TBEX-88, DX H9A2TCE-80, DX H9A2TCEB-80, DX H9A2TCEX-S, DX H9A3TCEX-S, DX H9A3TCEXM-01, DX HY10A1TCE-80, DX HY10A2TCE-80, DX HY10A2TKE-80, DX4 H7A1DREX-01, DXO H11A2TCEXS-S, DXO H8A2TCEXS-S, DXO H9A2TCEXS-S, DXO H9A3TCEXMS-S, DXO H9A3TCEXS-S, DXO H9A3TE-S, DXO H9A3TREXS-S, DXO HY9A2TCEXS-S, DXO4 H7A1TCEX-S, DXO4 H7A2TCEX-S, DXOHY10A2TCEXS-S, DXW C10BTCEX-47, DXW H10A2TCEX-07, DXW H10A2TKE-80, DXW H9A2TCEX-01, DXW H9A3TKEX-47, DXW HY10A1TKEX-S, DXW HY9A2TKEX-01, DXW4 H7A1TCEX-01, DXW4 H7A1TCEX-S, DXW4 H7A1TKEX-07, DXWH11A2DCEXM-80, DXWH11A2TCEXM-80, DXWHY10A1TCEX-01, DXWHY10A1TKEX-47, DXWHY10A2TCEX-01, DYC 169A-80, DYC 169A-80N, DYC 71013NB-80, DYC 71013NBX-S, DYC 710AV2BX-80N, DYC 710AVBX-80N, DYC 770NB-S, DYC 78132NBX-S, DYC 7813NB-80, DYC 7813NBX-84, DYC 7813NBX-S, DYC 7913NBX-84, DYC 7913NBX-S, DYC 8132BX-80N, DYC 870B-S, DYC 8713BX-AUS, DYC 88132BX-80, DYC 88132BXC-80, DYC 88132BXC-80N, DYC 88132XB-S, DYC 8813B-80, DYC 8813BX-84, DYC 8813BX-S, DYC 890NB-80, DYC 8913B-80, DYC 8913BX-47, DYC 8913BX-80, DYC 8913BX-80N, DYC 8913BX-84, DYC 8913BX-S, DYC 893B-80, DYC 9445BX-47, DYC 9713AX-AUS, DYC 9813AX-S, DYC 9913AX-30, DYC 9913AX-80, DYC 9913AX-S, DYC 9913AXX-S, DYC 9914AX-S, DYC8132BX-80, DYH 9813NA1X-S, DYH 9813NA2X-30, DYH 9813NA2X-S, DYH 983NA1-S, DYH 9913NA1X-80, DYH 9913NA1X-84, DYH 9913NA1X-S, DYH 9913NA2X-84, DYH 9913NA2X-S, DYH 993NA1-S, GDX H10A2DCEX-84, GDX H8A2DCEX-84, GDX H8A2DKEX-84, GDX H8A2TCEX-84, GDX H8A3DCEX-84, GDX H9A2DCEX-84, GDX H9A2DKEX-84, GDX HY9A2TCEX-84, GDXH10A2TCEXM-84, GDXH8A2TCEXM-84/, GHL C10DE-84, GHL C8DE-84, GHL C9DE-84, GHLC C7DF-84, GHLC C8DE-84, GHLC H8A2DE-84, HADC 7913NBX-47, HADC 8913BX-47, HADC 9913AX-47, HADC 9913NA1X-47, HBTDW H7A1TCE-80, HBTDW H7A1TCE-S, HHD 775X -84, HHD 780X, HHD 780X-47, HHD 780X-80, HL C10DF-80, HL C10LF-80, HL C8DCG-80, HL C8DF-80, HL C8DG-S, HL C8LF-80, HL C8LG-80, HL C8LGB-80, HL C9DCE-80, HL C9DCEB-80, HL C9DF-80, HL C9DKE-80, HL C9LF-80, HL C9LG-80, HL H8A2DE-84, HL H8A2DE-S, HL H9A2DE-S, HL V10DG-80, HL V10LG-80, HL V8DG-80, HL V8DGB-80, HL V8LCG-80, HL V8LF-80, HL V8LG-80, HL V8LG-S, HL V9DG-80, HL V9DGB-80, HL V9LF-80, HL V9LG-80, HLC8DG-80, HLP H8A2TBEX-01, HLP H9A3TBEX-01, HLX C8TG-S, HLX H8A2TE-S, HLX H9A2TE-S, HNC 180-80, HNC 180-SY, HNC 180S-80, HNC 360B-88, HNC 360BT-84, HNC 360BT/1-84, HNC 380-80, HNC 382T-80, HNC 470T-84, HNC 480-SY, HNC 485T-86, HNC 780BT-84, HNC 780BT-88, HNC 780BT-SY, HNC 780T-47, HNC360T-84, HNV 171X-SY, HNV 380-47, HNV 380-SY, HNV171X-ISR, HPC 370T/1-84, HPC370T-84, HTDBW H7A1TCE-80, LLC D813BX-S, LLC D91B-80, LLCG D713B-84, LLH D813A2X-S, LLHG D813A2-84, MDRC901W, QDX H9A2TKEX-84, QDX H9A3TEM-84, QDX HY9A2TBEX-84, QDX HY9A2TKEX-84, QHL H8A2DBE-84, VHC 180-80, VHC 180/1-80, VHC 360T-84, VHC 370BT-84, VHC 370T-84, VHC 380X/1-30S, VHC 381/1-80, VHC 381XT/1-84, VHC 391/1-80, VHC 391T/1-80, VHC 391XT/1-30S, VHC 391XT/1-47, VHC 580NC-80, VHC 670C-S, VHC 680BX-S, VHC 680C-80, VHC 680C-S, VHC 680F-85S, VHC 681B-80, VHC 68B-80, VHC 691B-80, VHC 691BS-80, VHC 69BCB-80N, VHC 760BT-84, VHC 770BT-84, VHC 771BT-84, VHC 781XT/1-14S, VHC 781XTB-37S, VHC 781XTB/1-37S, VHC 781XTB/1-80, VHC 790BTX-47, VHC 791T/1-OS, VHC 791XT/1-14S, VHC 791XT/1-47, VHC 791XT/1-84, VHC 791XT/1-86S, VHC 791XT/1-88S, VHC 970AT-84, VHC 980ATX-S, VHC 980ATXX-S, VHC168A-80, VHC380-80, VHC380X-30S, VHC381-80, VHC381XT-84, VHC391-80, VHC391T-80, VHC391XT-30S, VHC391XT-47, VHC392T-80, VHC680F-80, VHC770BT-88S, VHC781XT-14S, VHC781XTB, VHC791XT-14S, VHC791XT-47, VHC791XT-84, VHC791XT-86S, VHC791XT-88S, VHH 99A-80N, VHV 180-80, VHV 380/1-80, VHV 380/1-86S, VHV 380X/1-47, VHV 381-80, VHV 381/1-80, VHV 680C-80, VHV 680C-OS, VHV 680C-S, VHV 680F-85S, VHV 68C-80, VHV 780CX-S, VHV 780X/1-14S, VHV 781C-80, VHV 781NC-80, VHV380-80, VHV380-86S, VHV380X-47, VHV680F-80, VHV780X-14S, VTC 5101NB-80, VTC 570B-80, VTC 580NB-80, VTC 580NC-80, VTC 581B-80, VTC 581BB-80, VTC 58NC-80, VTC 590B-80, VTC 5911NB-80, VTC 591BB-80, VTC 591NB-80, VTC 671B-80N, VTC 671W-80N, VTC 680C-80, VTC 680NBX-S, VTC 760NBT-84, VTC 770NBT-84, VTC 771NBT-84, VTC 781NBBC-80, VTC 781NBC-80, VTC 791NB-80, VTC 86NB-80, VTC 881NB-S, VTC C580B-80, VTH 970NA1T-84, VTH 980 NA2C-84, VTH 980NA1T-84, VTH 980NA1T-S, VTH 980NA1TX-S, VTH 980NA2T-84, VTV 570NB-80, VTV 57NC-80, VTV 57NCB-80, VTV 580NC-80, VTV 580NC-S, VTV 581NC-80, VTV 581NCC-80, VTV 590NC-80, VTV 590NCB-80, VTV 591CB-80, VTV 591NC-80, VTV 780NC-S



DOHC 7813B-37, DOHC 7813NB-37, DOHC 7913B-37, DOHC 7913NB-37, DOHC 9813NA1-37, DOHC 9913NA2-37, ODMH D1013A2X-37, ODNC D813B-37, ODNH D913A2-37, OHNC 480 TS, OHNV 171 X - 37, OHNV 380-37, VOHC 391T/1-37, VOHC 671F-37, VOHC 770B-37, VOHC 781-37, VOHC 781/1-37, VOHC180-37, VOHC391T-37, VOHV 370-37, VOHV 370/1-37, VOHV 670F-37, VOHV 680C-37, VOHV 780-37, VOHV 780/1-37, VOHV180-37, VOHV380-37, VOHV388-37, VTOC 770NB-37, VTOC 780NB-37, VTOV 580NC-37

DV60V, DV70C, ECD 890-S, EVD 750-S, EVD 850-S, FTD DV 58, HOME-SCB17A, KMP-XL 7500, KMP-XXL 8600 L, SFE-700CBA, SFE-820CEA, SFE-82AEA

EOZ H9A2LE-01, ETD C8LG-S, ETD H8A1DE-S, OZC 771B-04S, OZC 780B-S, OZC 791BCH-S, OZV 570C-IS, OZV 580C-IS, ZCE 217, ZCE 217/1, ZCE 217B, ZCE 217B/1

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