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Hoover Howden Maytag Otsein SOLE Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

Hoover Howden Maytag Otsein SOLE Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

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SKU: 9861
Replacement washing machine carbons Suitable for Baumatic, Belling, Butler, Candy, Caple, Cylinda, Eurolec, Hoover, Howden, Iberna, Kelvinator, Maytag, Neff, Nuefunk, OST, Otsein, Philco, Rosieres, Sarena, Tecnik, Vyatka, White Westinghouse, Zerowatt washing machines

Washing Machines fitted with a SOLE type motor. Original Holders are Red

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ALTERNATE MODEL NUMBERS 49000466/49028931/09200626/113390244/481281719418/481281729602/9861/CAN49000466/HVR09200626/CBN9326/5031687698247/5045175552850/5045174628815/5045170818937



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LB SLF 2060, SLF2060


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PA207, PA2107DBS, PD2197DBS, PD297, RWM1262, TL1043, TL1043X, TL1043X1, WMB1262MX, WMN1062MX, WMN1262MX

LB LT 8055, LB RILL 120, RILL120, RILL140-47S, RILS120H/C, RILS140-47


TKL925, TKL9290, TKL930, TKL9909



H100EUNI, H5065E, HC666E, HMP1058E SS, HMP1059E SS, HMP5085E, HMP756E, HMP856E, HN2105-30, HN2805-30, HN6755-30, HNF6137, HNF6167Z, HNL6106-30, HNL6116Z-30, HNL6116ZS-30, HNL6136ZX-30, HNL6856-30, HNL6856Z-30, HNL9136Z-30, HNWL6106-30, HVL2136-30, HVP13, HZ1042SY, HZ842SY, KITLADY833E, KITLADY834E, L.MULT.HXXL, L.SIXHM756E, L.SIXHM758ES, L.SIXHM856E, L.SIXHM958ES, MULTIPLA7XLS, OZ3084-30, OZ3104DF-30, SEL.HM850ES, STEELHM959ES, VISION16, VISION16PLUS, Z86E, ZL100.6, ZL100.7, ZL100.7/1, ZL120.6, ZL120.7/1, ZL360, ZL80, ZLP126-01

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