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Bosch Neff Siemens Cooker Hood Lock Kit

Bosch Neff Siemens Cooker Hood Lock Kit

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SKU: BSH181272
This pack of 2 replacement locks will keep the lower cover (that secures the filter) in place on your extractor fan. Its a genuine part that will fit select models of Bosch, Neff and Siemens cookerhoods. Please check Models This Fits to make sure this lock is right for your cookerhood.

Please note: Bosch advise that you will require an adjustable clamp/grip (eg. plumbers grips) in order to fit this part. Apply slow pressure until the parts click together.

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ALTERNATE MODEL NUMBERS 00181272/00169440/00155166/00155165

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LB22260/01, LB22260/02, LB22260/03, LB22260GB/01, LB22260GB/02, LB22260GB/03, LB22261FF/01, LB22261FF/02, LB23360/01, LB23360/02, LB23360/03, LB23360CH/01, LB23360CH/02, LB23360CH/03, LB23360SD/01, LB23360SD/02, LB23360SD/03, LB23361FF/01, LB23361FF/02, LB23361FF/03, LB23364/01, LB23364/02, LB23364/03, LB23364/04, LB23364GB/01, LB23364GB/02, LB23364GB/03, LB54560/01, LB54560/02, LB54560/03, LB55560/01, LB55560/02, LB55560/03, LB55560/04, LB55560CH/01, LB55560CH/02, LB55560CH/03, LB55560CH/04, LB55560GB/01, LB55560GB/02, LB55560GB/03, LB55560GB/04, LB55560NN/01, LB55560NN/02, LB55560NN/03, LB55560SD/04, LB55560SS/01, LB55560SS/02, LB55560SS/03, LB75560/01, LB75560/02, LB75560/03, LB75560/04, LB75560CH/01, LB75560CH/02, LB75560CH/03, LB75560CH/04


LB1TIE1GB/03, LB2TIE1GB/02, LB2TIE1GB/03, LB2TIE1GB01, TKE571/2

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