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Baumatic Candy Hoover Lamona Philco Washing Machine Drum Paddle

Baumatic Candy Hoover Lamona Philco Washing Machine Drum Paddle

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SKU: 41021914
Genuine Washing Machine Drum Paddle Lifter Suitable for Arda, Baumatic, Candy, Continental, Crop, Falcon, Gala, Helkama, Homeking, Hoover, Iberna, Jinling, Lamona, Meiling, Orion, Otsein, Pacific, Philco, Qishuai, Rosieres, Supra, Terzismo, Toshiba, Xperial, Zerowatt washing machines

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ALTERNATE MODEL NUMBERS 41021914/082637547/41021914


BWMI 1206, BWMI1206.1, BWMI1262DN1

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FWD 654D

XQG70-FFS7010W, XQG70-FFS7012S


GLY 1264 LA

HHET 6140, HHET 6163, HHET 8140, HHET 8164Z, HHET 9140Z, HHET 9163Z, HHETS 6120



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8163D8P/1-80, DYN 8163D8X/1-80, DYN 8164D/1-80, DYN 8164D/L1-80, DYN 8164D2X/1-80, DYN 8164DS/1-80, DYN 9124DG/L1-80, DYN 9143DP/1-84, DYN 9144D2BX/1-8, DYN 9144D2X/1-80, DYN 9144D3X/1-80, DYN 9144DG/L1-80, DYN 9144DG8/1-80, DYN 9144DPG/L-17, DYN 9146P8/1-84, DYN 9154D8X/1-80, DYN 9164D8PX/1-8, DYN 9164DPG/L1-S, DYN 9164DPGB/1-8, DYN7124D-85S, DYN7124D/1, DYN7124D/1-85S, DYN7124DZ/1, DYN7125D-S, DYN7125D/1-S, DYN7144D-16, DYN7144D/1-, DYN7144DP-80, DYN9164DPG/L1-80, DYNS 6104D3P-30, DYNS 6104DZ-30, DYNS 6105DZ-30, DYNS 6126P-30, DYNS 7104DZG-30, DYNS 7105DZG-30, DYNS 7125DG-S, DYNS 7125DG/1-S, DYNS 71265PG-S, DYNS 71265PG3-S, DYNS 7126PG-16S, DYNS 7126PG-30, DYNS 7126PG/L-30, DYNS 7127P-30, DYNS 7144D1B-80, DYNS 7144D1B/1-8, DYNS 7144D1S/1-8, DYNS 7144D1X/1-8, DYNS 7154D8X/1-8, DYNS6104DZ-, DYNS6126P-3, DYNS7104DZG, DYNS7124DG/1, DYNS7124DG/1-89S, DYNS7126PG, FCE2VHD71424DL84, HHET6140, HHET6163, HHETS6120, HL 1071D1/1-04, HL 1071D1/1-S, HL 1272D3/3-37, HL 1472D3-84, HL 1472D3/1-80, HL 1572D3/1-80, HL 1672D3-80, HL 1672D3/1-80, HL 1672D3B-80, HL 1672D3B/1-80, HL G1472D3/3-84, HL G472D3/1-84, HL O147T3/1-84, HL4 1272D3/1-S, HL4 1472D3/1-80, HL4 1472D3/1-S, HLC O1472D3/1-84, HLP4137TAHB41-01, HWB 240/1-80S, HWB 2402DN1-S, HWB 240IS-80S, HWB 6142DN1-S, HWB240/1-80, HWB614-30S, HWB614IS, KW 7164-84, MK 7164D-84, MK 7164D/1-84, MK 7165-84, MK 7165/1-84, MK 7166-84, MK 7166/1-84, MK7160-84, MK7160/1-84, OPH 147-80, OPH 147/2-80, OPH 148-80, OPH 613/1-86S, OPH 614/L-80, OPH 616/L-80, OPH 616/L1-80, OPH 714D-80, OPH 714D/1-80, OPH 714D/2-80, OPH 714D11-S, OPH 714DF/1-80, OPH 714DF/L-80, OPH 714DS-80, OPH 714DS/1-80, OPH 714DS/2-80, OPH 716D-80, OPH 716DF/1-80, OPH 716DF/L-80, OPH 814-86S, OPH 814/1-86S, OPH 814/2-86S, OPH 814D21-S, OPH 914D22-S, OPH513-86S, OPH610-86S, OPH613-86S, OPH613/1-86, OPH614-80, OPH614-86S, OPH614/1-86, OPH614/2-80, OPH616-80, OPH616/1-80, OPH616/2-80, OPH6163D-86S, OPH6163D186S, OPH714DF-80, OPH714DF/1, OPH716DF-80, OPH716DF/1-, OPHS 612/1-80, OPHS 612/L-80, OPHS 712B/1-80, OPHS 712B/L1-80, OPHS 714D21/1-80, OPHS612-80, OPHS612/1-8, OPHS712B/1, OPHS712DF-80, OPHS712DF/L-80, SE 147, SE 147/1-80, SE 147/2-80, SE 148-80, SE 148/1-80, SE147/3-80, SKDVHD814S, VHD 106-16S, VHD 128-18S, VHD 146-86S, VHD 146A/L-80, VHD 147A/L-80, VHD 147A/L1-80, VHD 148-86S, VHD 148A, VHD 148A/L-80, VHD 166 I-86S, VHD 166 ZI-88S, VHD 166-86S, VHD 168-86S, VHD 168/1-86S, VHD 610-30, VHD 610/1-04S, VHD 611 P-30, VHD 612/1-89S, VHD 612/2-89S, VHD 612Z-14, VHD 614-84, VHD 614Z-14, VHD 616-84, VHD 708-49S, VHD 710, VHD 710-30, VHD 710/1-30, VHD 710/2-85S, VHD 710/L-S, VHD 71424D-84, VHD 71424D/1-84, VHD 71424D/L-84, VHD 71424D/L1-84, VHD 7144D/1-14S, VHD 7144D/3-84, VHD 7144D/4-84, VHD 7144D/L-S, VHD 7144D/L1-S, VHD 716/L-84, VHD 716/L1-84, VHD 71624D-84, VHD 71624D/1-84, VHD 71624D/L-84, VHD 71624D/L1-84, VHD 7164D-89S, VHD 7164D/1-84, VHD 7164D/1-89S, VHD 810-04S, VHD 810-30, VHD 811-30, VHD 812-14, VHD 812-30, VHD 812-47, VHD 812-80, VHD 812-85S, VHD 812-AU, VHD 812/1-30, VHD 812/1-47, VHD 8122-80, VHD 8124D-30, VHD 812D/K-SYR, VHD 812S-80, VHD 814 P-30, VHD 814 Z-47, VHD 814-14, VHD 814-47, VHD 814-80, VHD 814-86S, VHD 814/1-47, VHD 8142-80, VHD 8143ZD-14, VHD 8144D-AUS, VHD 8144PD-30, VHD 8145D/1-84, VHD 814P/1-30, VHD 814Z-14, VHD 816 I-80, VHD 816 PI-30, VHD 816 ZI-84, VHD 816-47, VHD 816-80, VHD 816/1-47, VHD 8162-80, VHD 8163D-86S, VHD 8163ZD-14, VHD 8163ZI-84, VHD 816Z-14, VHD 822/1-80, VHD 842-80, VHD 842/1-80, VHD 844DB-80, VHD 862-80, VHD 8812-47, VHD 8813-47, VHD 8814D-47, VHD 8816D-47, VHD 9103D-37S, VHD 912-30, VHD 9123 ZD-47, VHD 9123D-80, VHD 9123ZD/1-47, VHD 9143 PD-30, VHD 9143 ZD-47, VHD 9143PD/1-30, VHD 9143ZD-37S, VHD 9143ZD-80, VHD 9143ZD/1-47, VHD 914Z-86S, VHD 916 ZI-47, VHD 9163ZD-14, VHD 9163ZD-80, VHD 9163ZD-86S, VHD 9163ZI-84, VHD 9163ZI-86S, VHD 916Z-86S, VHD 924D-80, VHD 944D-80, VHD 964ZD-80, VHD146A, VHD146A/1, VHD146A/2, VHD147A, VHD514/1-84, VHD610-04S, VHD610-17, VHD610/1-04, VHD610/1-30, VHD6114ZD-30, VHD611P/1-30, VHD612-16S, VHD612/1-89, VHD612/2-89, VHD612Z/1-14, VHD6135D-37S, VHD614-86S, VHD614/1-84, VHD614/2-84, VHD614/3-84, VHD6143D-86S, VHD6144D-84, VHD6144D/1-8, VHD6144D/1-84, VHD614Z/1-14, VHD616-86S, VHD616/1-84, VHD616/2-84, VHD6163D-86S, VHD6164D-84, VHD6164D/1, VHD6164D/1-84, VHD6164D/2, VHD616ZI-16S, VHD710/2-85, VHD714-89S, VHD714/1-84, VHD714/2-84, VHD71424D, VHD71424D/1, VHD7144D/1-, VHD7144D/2-84, VHD7144D/3-, VHD7144D/4-, VHD716/1-84, VHD716/2-84, VHD71624D, VHD71624D/1, VHD7164D-89, VHD7164D/1, VHD810/2-04S, VHD810/L-S, VHD8103D07S, VHD812/2-85S, VHD812/L-S, VHD8123D07S, VHD814/3-86S, VHD814/L-S, VHD8143DB-80, VHD8143ZDB, VHD816Z-47, VHD816ZI-47, VHD822-80, VHD9123D-17S, VHD9153ZD-47, VHD9163ZI-16, VHDF 710-AUS, VHDF 710/L-30, VHDF 714/L-S, VHDF710-30, VHDF712-85S, VHDF714-89S, VHDF716-89S, VHDFS 610/L-30, VHDFS610-30, VHDS 6104ZD-30, VHDS 6123PD-30, VHDS 6124D-07S, VHDS 6143ZD-86S, VHDS 6143ZD/L-S, VHDS510-30, VHDS609-30, VHDS610-16S, VHDS610-30, VHDS6103D07S, VHDS6104ZD-3, VHDS610Z-30, VHDS6113D-30, VHDS6113D04S, VHDS612-86S, VHDS6123D07S, VHDS6123PD, VHDS6124D-07, VHDS6124D/1-, VHDS6124D/1-07S, VHDS6143ZD86, VHDS614PI-30, VHF 514/L-84, VHF 514/L1-84, VHF 610/L-30, VHF 610/L1-S, VHF 612-84, VHF 612/L-S, VHF 614/1-89S, VHF 614/L-84, VHF 614/L-S, VHF 614/L1-84, VHF 614/L1-S, VHF 710-ISR, VHF514-84, VHF514/1-84, VHF608-30, VHF610-30, VHF610-85S, VHF612-85S, VHF612/1-84, VHF614-84, VHF614-89S, VHF614/1-84, VHF614/1-89, VHFS 608/L-30, VHFS510-30, VHFS608-30, VHW644D-30S, VHW654D-80, VHW656D-80, VT 1012D12/1-17, VT 1014D22/1-S, VT 1014D22C/1-17, VT 1014D23/1-80, VT 610D1-30, VT 612D11-S, VT 614D1/1-84, VT 614D11-S, VT 614D2-84, VT 614D2/1-84, VT 614D22-84, VT 614D23-84, VT 614D23/1-84, VT 616D2-84, VT 616D2/1-84, VT 616D21/1-80, VT 710D1-30, VT 710D11-OS, VT 710D11/1-S, VT 710D12/1-17, VT 713D21/1-80, VT 7147D21-S, VT 7147D21/1-S, VT 714D21-80, VT 714D21/1-S, VT 714D23-84, VT 714D23/1-84, VT 716D21-S, VT 716D21/1-80, VT 810D11/1-S, VT 810D11S/1-17, VT 812D11/1-S, VT 814D11/1-S, VT 814D21-80, VT 814D21-S, VT 815D22X/1-80, VT 816D22/1-80, VT 816D22X/1-80, VT 912D12-17, VT 912D22/1-S, VT 914D22S/1-80, VT 914D22X/1-80, VT 915D22X/1-80, VT614D22/1-84, VTC 814D21B/1-80, VTC 814D21W/1-80, VTC 814D22/1-80, VTC 814D22B/1-80, VTS 608D1-30, VTS 610D1-30, VTS 612D21/1-80, VTS 614D21/1-80, VTS 710D1-30, VTS 712D21-80, VTS 712D21B-80, VTS 712D21B/1-80, VTS 712D21S-80, VTS 714D21/1-80, VTS 714D21B/1-80, VTS 714D21S/1-80, VTS 715D21X/1-80, WDMT 4138AH/1-47, WDMT 4138AH/1-84, WDMT 4138AH/1-S, WDMT 4138AH/3-17, WDMT 4138AI2/1-8, WDMT4138AHS/1-04, WDWF 4138AHB-80, WDWFL 4138AH-47, WDWFL G4138AH-84, WDWFT 4108AH-S, WDWFT 4118AH-01, WDWFT 4138AH-01, WDWFT 4138AH-37, WDWFT 4138AH-80, WDWFT 498AH-01, WDWT 4118AHC-S, WDWT 4138AHC-S, WDXA 4118AH/1-17, WDXA 4118AH/1-S, WDXA42 365-S, WDXOA 4118AH-47, WDXOA 4118AHC-01, WDXOA 488AHC-S, WDXOA G477H-84, WDXOA4118AH/1-17, WDXOAG4118AHC-84, WDXOAG4138AHC-84, WDXP BH4117AI2/1, WDXT 4118AH/1-07, WDYN 6545D-04S, WDYN 654D-80, WDYN 656D-80, WDYN654D-30S, WDYNS 642D-30S, WDYNS 654D-S, WDYNS642D-3, WDYNS654D-80, WMH 139D/1-80, WMH 147DF/2-80, WMH 147DF/L-80, WMH 168D-80, WMH147DF-80, WMH147DF/2, WMH148DF-80, WMH148DF/L-80, WMHS 147D21/1-80, XQG-7010Z, XQG70-XF10W, XQG70-XF12S, XQG70-YM10W

BT 5510-47, CKD IOF K610 EG, IB 1271D3/1-01, IB4 1071D3/1-01

DX70S-12C, XQG70-10SVD, XQG70-10VL, XQG70-12DC, XQG70-B12SD, XQG70S-B10D, XQG70S-B11D, XQG70S-B121SD

MG100-15520BG, MG100-15520BHG, MG100-15521BHG, MG130-14520BHG, MG70-12520BG, MG80-14520BG, MG90-15520BG, MG90-15520BHG, MG90-15521BHG

WZ 108D, WZ 108DS

DMP 413AH/1-37, DXC 57W/1-37, DYN 10124DG/1-37, DYN 7144D/1-37, DYN 8123D-37, DYN 8123D3/1-37, DYN 8123DL-37, DYN 8124D-37, DYN 8124D3/1-37, DYN 8124DL-37, DYN 9124DG/L1-37, DYN 91268P5/1-37, DYNS 7124DG-37, DYNS 7124DGL-37, HL 1272D3-37, HL 1272D3/1-37, OT 1271D3/1-37, VHD 610-37, VHD 6103D-37, VHD 611-37, VHD 6113D-37, VHD 613 Z-37, VHD 6133ZD-37, VHD 711-37, VHD 712-37, VHD 712/3-37, VHD 811-37, VHD 8115D-37, VHD 8116D/1-37, VHD 812-37, VHD 812-37S, VHD 8123D-37S, VHD 8125D-37, VHD 813Z-37, VHD 814 ZI-37, VHD 9123D-37, VHD 9124D-37, VHD 9145ZD-37, VHD 9146ZD-37, VHD712/2-37, VHD712/L-37, VHD712/L1-37, VHDF 612-37, VHDF 612/L-37, VHDF 6124-37, VHDF 6124/1-37, VHDF 6124/L-37, VHDF 6124/L1-37, VHDS 610-37, VT 814D23/1-37, VTO 712D12-37S, VTO 712D12/1-37, WDMT 4138AH/1-37


PWD 14S, PWD 612, PWD6414S.

XQG70-10SX/K, XQG70-QS10W/K, XQG70-QS12S/K

RO F106-49


AWF6412XS, AWM-1074F, BEL WM 14VI, CAW7000, CWF60CD, CWFD70CD, FL 70E 1, GLY 1264 LA, HJA 8514, HJA 8514.1, HWM7FL, HYDROPLUS 60, IGY 1264 LA, JT90-999S, KRWD64F12CA, LAM 8500, PWD 14S, PWD 612, PWD6414S, SL-107, TW-6011AS(W), TW-6011AV(W), TW-7011AM(W), TW-7011AV(S), TW-7011AV(W), WSR-1712, WT 1264 E, XQG-7010Z, XQG60-EF, XQG65-10A39W, XQG70-10A29S, XQG70-EF, XQG70-FFS7012S, XQG70-FS10W, XQG70-QS10W, XQG70-QS10W/K, XQG70-QS12S/K, XQG70-XF12S, XQG70-YM10W, XQG80-YM12W, XW 712D (IT-HO)

TW-6011AS(W), TW-6011AV(W), TW-7011AM(W), TW-7011AV(S), TW-7011AV(W), XQG60-EF, XQG70-EF

XQG70-XF10W, XQG70-XF12S

XW 712D (IT-HO), XW 712D\K, XW 916L\K

CKD OZ 086, CKD OZ106, EOZ 127T3/1-01, EOZ4 127T3/1-01, EWZ 106F, EWZ 108D, EWZ 108D/1, EWZ 108DS/1, EWZ 128DF-AUS, EWZ 4105D-03S, EWZ 4106D, GZ 1072D1-S, GZ 109D/1-30, OZ 086, OZ 086-16S, OZ 086/L, OZ 087, OZ 0871D1/1-30, OZ 105-16S, OZ 105-30, OZ 106, OZ 106-16S, OZ 106/L-S, OZ 106/L1-S, OZ 1061D/L-S, OZ 1061D1CHC-S, OZ 1061DHC/K-IR, OZ 1061DHCC, OZ 1061DSHC/K-IR, OZ 107 D, OZ 107-16S, OZ 107/L-S, OZ 107/L1-S, OZ 1071D-04S, OZ 1071D/L-S, OZ 1071DCHC, OZ 1071DHC/K-IR, OZ 1071DSHC/K-IR, OZ 107S, OZ 108 D, OZ 1083D/L1-S, OZ 108D/L1-30S, OZ 109D/1-30S, OZ 117D/1-S, OZ 126, OZ 128D, OZ 167 VHD, OZ 168 VHD, OZ 861DHC/K-IR, OZ 861DSHC/K-IRA, OZ W642D-30S, OZ4 085-30, OZ4 086-16S, OZ4 086/L-S, OZ4 0861D/L-S, OZ4 105-30, OZ4 106-16S, OZ4 106/L-S, OZ4 106/L1-S, OZ4 1061D/L-S, OZ4 1271D3/1-01, OZ4 127T/1-S, VL 1272DC3/K-IR, VL 1272DC3R/K-IR, VL 1272DC3S/K-IR, VXA 371/K-IRAN, VXA 37S1/K-IRAN, VXC 171/K-IRAN, VXC 17S1/K-IRAN, VXC 17W1/K-IRAN, VXOA 37FN3/K-IR, VXOA 37FNR3/K-IR, VXOC 17C3/K-IR, VXOC 17CR3/K-IR, VZ 610D21/K-IRAN, VZ 610D21C/K-IRA, VZ 610D21SC/K-IR, VZ 712D21/K-IRAN, VZ 712D21C/K-IRA, VZ 712D21SC/K-IR, XQB50-808GF/2

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